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Artist, ANDY KEVE is born in Dakar on April, 25, 1949.

Andy keve was called "kéré", then "KRE" since the primary school, because he unceasingly drew with chalk on his class blackboard. Since 1969, Kré consorted with artists such as: Ibou Diouf, Mamadou Niang, Seidou Barry, the naïve painter Mbor Faye, father of the painter Ousmane Faye, as well as the professor of the School of arts: Pierre Lodz. But very independent, it refused to follow this school courses.

In 1972, Kré played the part of the gang leader in "bax yamba», a film directed by Momar Thiam. But, in spite of his cinematographic activities, he did not forsake painting and continued working much.

Kré paints women portraits with his own style. These portraits are inspired by Fari Faté’s face, a famous "griotte”, pretty narrator of the Senegalese history. Very attractive, full with exuberance and cheerfulness, Fari Faté, with her jewels, sought toilets and complex hairstyles, inspires to the artist a delicacy painting. Kré has also an abstract tending style. His paintings, mainly in blue and orange, sometimes evoke Dogon cosmogony signs, Kanaga country choreographies or veils in the sun ochre setting, as well as dancers’ silhouettes in the bush. Sometimes ramatous, fireflies, syncopated rhythms.

Kré’s painting are flashing and «enigmatic variations"...


1976 - First exposure at the 4th Show of Senegalese artists and plastics technicians at the Dynamic museum of Dakar. His painting "the Messenger" is particularly admired by President L. S. Senghor, and will then join the closed club of international itinerant exhibitions.

1983 - New Expressions at Lorient, France.
1985 - Exposure at IFA gallery at BONN, Germany.
1987 – He carries off the Head of State prize, at the Senegalese artists and plastics technicians show

Exposure at Stadtfische Gallery at WENDLIGER, Germany.

1988 the American cultural centre of Dakar organizes, with the National Gallery, an exposure and only one work must be sold by auction: Kré’s "Totem of the silence" is the one selected.

1990 - Exposure at the Arch of Defence in Paris.
1996 - Participation in the Contemporary art show at DAMMARIE-LES-LYS, France. Price of the city

1996 - Selected at the biennial of art dak'art 1996.
1999 - Exposure at Kenkeleba Gallery in New York in the USA.
1999 -The artist received “the national order of lion” from Mr Abdou Diouf, President of the Republic of Senegal.

2007 - Homeviewsenegal SA create the web site:

Since 1999, permanente exposition at the Antenna Galerie, Félix Faure street at Dakar,